Dr. Erica Waters is a licensed naturopathic doctor and received her doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. 

Dr. Waters grew up in Port Jefferson, New York where she spent many days walking the beach and cooking wonderful meals with her family. She later sought out the mountains of Boulder, Colorado where she received her undergraduate degree in psychology. As she worked with chronically mentally ill clients through Boulder Mental Health, Dr. Waters also began to observe and understand how nutrition influences both mental and physical health. Her search for a more comprehensive approach to medicine began at this time.

After working several years in mental health,  she moved to Oregon where she completed her naturopathic medical degree. In addition to the four year program, Dr. Waters also participated in mental health/counseling intensives through the Process Work Institute; completed massage school; studied additional courses such as craniosacral therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, and Mayan Abdominal massage; and volunteered at a hospice center. She later moved back east and became co-owner and clinical director of a family naturopathic clinic in beautiful New Hampshire. After Dr. Waters' mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she moved back to New York and continued her work as both a patient advocate and naturopathic doctor. Her time spent helping her family care for her mother, and supporting patients in an advocacy role provided much learning. “I realized the need for support while navigating the healthcare system, the gravity for communication between practitioners of different disciplines, and the importance of overall patient support.” Dr. Waters grew to really understand the importance of both conventional and alternative medicine, and the significance of a comprehensive and complementary medical model.

Dr. Waters currently resides in Long Island with her husband and two children and sees patients at SomaWell in Huntington and at the Naturopathic Wellness Center in Riverhead.  To make an appointment in Riverhead please call  631-722-2246.  

Dr. Waters completed her certification in Functional Medicine Coaching through the Institute of Functional Medicine and continues her studies in Bioindividual Nutrition.