"Erica is such a delight to work with. I've been working through chronic health struggles for a years now and any time I talk to Erica, I immediately feel at ease, on a path and in good hands. Erica does a wonderful job of explaining why we take a certain course of action and never overwhelms. I really like the step-by-step approach so that we can really see what's working. She doesn't over do it on supplements and always tries to recommend dietary approaches first and is always budget-conscious in her recommendations. Her emails are thorough, she's really supportive between sessions and is just so compassionate in general. I highly recommend working with Erica! In fact, I've recommended her to several friends, clients and family members." Deena 

"Erica has helped me tremendously! Other doctors had told me there was no way to fix my problem without being heavily medicated, Erica has proven them wrong! She is unbelievably caring and wise. Your wellness is her first priority. I recommend her to all of my friends, family, and clients - that's how much I truly trust and believe in her." ~Kate 

"I came to see Dr Erica Waters about 3 years ago after being very sick for almost 2 years. I saw 12 specialists, spent 5 days at the mayo clinic, acupuncture , chiropractors, Etc. my hair was thinning out ,pain on entire right side if body, jaw neck, back, knee, oral thrush..... No one knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Waters (unlike all the specialists) looked outside the box, and through extensive investigation into the underlying cause, found the root of the problems,addressed them, and now I have my life back :)" Randy 

"Working with Dr. Waters has truly been a life-changing experience. From diagnosing me with Celiac Disease to treating chronic hormone issues, she has helped me find healing. Her holistic approach of treating an ailment as an imbalance has given me greater insight into my body and myself. She is the first doctor I've ever seen who validated the confusing, even subtle, fluctuations of my body and provide treatment for them. Dr. Waters's kind and gentle spirit makes talking to her like confiding to someone from your own family. She has helped me find my best self and felt like a cheerleader every step of the way." ~Francesca