Working with Dr. Waters


Initial Visit

The initial consultation is typically 60-75 minutes. During that visit Dr. Waters will take a full history, review all supplements and medication, and discuss current health complaints and symptoms. She will also review any previous blood work and tests and explain what each result may mean. At the end of the visit Dr. Waters will create an initial treatment plan which may include recommendations for additional testing, supplement and nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle support. After the initial visit, patients will follow up within 3-4 weeks and then monthly or as needed depending on individual health concerns. 

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are typically 30-45 minutes and includes a "check-in" with the patient's health progress, review of any additional tests,  and an adjustment to the treatment plan as needed. Dr. Waters understands that each patient is unique and will address health concerns on an individual basis, and so the need for follow up visits may vary between patients. 

Email Policy

 Dr. Waters is happy to use email to make appointments, answer any questions prior to making an appointment, and respond to brief questions pertaining to supplements and protocol. Please reserve any detailed questions ( i.e questions regarding new symptoms, changes in treatment plan, etc.) for an in-office or phone visit. If you have more than a few questions please call to set up an appointment. If you are having a negative reaction to something or have an urgent issue, please call the office immediately.


Dr. Waters is happy to recommend medical grade supplements to her patients. With the increasing number of over the counter supplements now, Dr. Waters helps to guide her patients in making decisions on quality supplements to optimize absorption and healing. Please visit Dr. Waters online store for her favorite medical grade supplements. 


In the state of New York, naturopathic doctors cannot order blood work. However, Dr. Waters is happy to work with your primary care doctor and suggest specific tests if necessary. Dr. Waters is trained in functional blood chemistry and will go over any tests with her patients and explain results from a functional perspective. 

Dr. Waters will discuss options for specialized tests that can be done to address food sensitivities, neurotransmitters, hormones, and GI health.